Jeff Hube


Hunter Gatherer

I worked with 5 other people to make Hunter Gatherer in less than 2 days for Global Game Jam 2011. It is a cooperative platformer-shmup (shoot ‘em up) hybrid, in which one player plays a platformer, and the other plays a shmup.

Penguin Panic

Penguin Panic is a game that I developed in less than two days for the "We <3 Games" event at RIT. The objective is to avoid the obstacles while collecting fish for extra points. Over time, the player’s movement speed and the number of obstacles increase.


Polarity was a group project for the graduate course 3D Graphics Programming. It is a puzzle platforming game based on magnetism. The player can swap between positive and negative charge. Charged plates in the level will attract or repel the player depending on his/her charge.


Unstitched was a group project for the course Game Design & Development II. In Unstitched, the player can walk on or be crushed by shadows, which are solid objects. The player controls the time of day, which affects the direction that shadows are cast when the player is outside. When inside, the player can interact with light switches to turn lights on or off.