Jeff Hube



Languages: C#, SQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, C++

Frameworks / Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, Git, SVN, TFS, Jenkins, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, CSS, Selenium

Work Experience

Software Developer at NimbleUser (June 2011 to current)

  • Worked with a small team to develop an AMS (Association Management System) built on the Salesforce platform
  • Adapted and extended a customer-facing, database-backed ASP.NET application to integrate with the AMS though Salesforce's REST and SOAP APIs
  • Provided various customization points for the AMS and the customer-facing application through the dependency injection and service locator patterns
  • Developed integrations with third party systems (OAuth 2.0 provider for authentication, OpenID Connect to expose user profiles, SOAP services to surface data from the AMS, invoked third-party services to retrieve data)
  • Built RESTful API using ASP.NET Web API to support an AngularJS frontend
  • Developed desktop applications (using Salesforce's REST and SOAP APIs), and browser extensions to streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks using C# and JavaScript, which were adopted internally and/or sold to clients

Software Developer at Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (co-op / internship, 9 months)

  • Developed new and maintained existing web applications built with C# and ASP.NET
  • Extended, maintained, and optimized existing data-driven Windows Forms application


Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, GPA: 3.9 / 4.0

Bachelor of Science, Game Design & Development, Computer Science minor


Visual node-based tool for building expression trees using TypeScript / jQuery / jQuery UI

  • Allowed user to place and connect nodes to construct expressions
  • Resulting expression trees were serialized and persisted to a database
  • Expressions were evaluated by web application backend to perform business logic

Polarity - 3D game using C++ / DirectX 11 for graduate class 3D Graphics Programming

  • Group project with a team of 4 graduate students
  • Puzzle platformer based on magnetism
  • Used OpenMP for multithreading to parallelize updates and rendering
  • Developed shaders using HLSL and implemented rendering of 3D geometry, and sprites
  • Created level importer to load geometry, collision meshes, and game data from Maya