Jeff Hube

Hunter Gatherer

I worked with 5 other people to make Hunter Gatherer in less than 2 days for Global Game Jam 2011. It is a cooperative platformer-shmup (shoot ‘em up) hybrid, in which one player plays a platformer, and the other plays a shmup.


The theme for Global Game Jam this year was “Extinction”. In our game, Time Travellin’ Mel has travelled back in time to save the last dinosaur, Big Green Dan, from aliens. The first player controls Dan in platformer mode, and collects power-ups for Mel while avoiding the aliens. The second player controls Mel in shmup mode, and collects power-ups for Dan while shooting the aliens. The objective is for Dan to reach his nest at the end of each level.

For this project, I worked with 5 other people: Andy Zickler, Aury Devlin McClain, Benjamin Kalb, Brandon Thivierge, and Thaddeus Francis Pawlicki. We used the Platformer Starter Kit for XNA Game Studio as a starting point. I mostly worked on coding the particle effects, power-ups, and HUD. However, I also created the sprites for the foreground tiles, the power-ups, and the health/fuel bars.

Hunter Gatherer can be found on the Global Game Jam website: