Jeff Hube


Unstitched was a group project for the course Game Design & Development II. In Unstitched, the player can walk on or be crushed by shadows, which are solid objects. The player controls the time of day, which affects the direction that shadows are cast when the player is outside. When inside, the player can interact with light switches to turn lights on or off.


I worked on Unstitched with 6 other undergraduate students: Scott Wszalek, Nathan Palson, David Carmichael, Daniel Hall, Curtis Marcotte, and Alexander Jones. We developed it using C# and XNA Game Studio 3.0. I wrote the system that calculates the shadows, based on the position of lights and the objects in the scene. It also manages the rendering of the shadows (as well as "hints" that indicate the bounds of a light source), and provides information about the shadows for use in collision detection and response.